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    Expansion Joints, Polyethylene Rod and Closed Cell Foam by Sekisui Foam Australia

    Industry leading construction and building solutions, Sekisui Foam Australia provides an extensive range of expansion joints and foams for sealants and fillers.

    Eliminating time and fuss using Easy-Form Expansion Joints with Paperless Adhesive Back
    Easy-Form Self Wound Expansion Joint Fillers do not create any mess with the paperless back and are closed cell to ensure no liquid absorption.

    • Designed for excellent compression and recovery for a good joint filler
    • Simple to install, just position foam at start point, unroll and give pressure for adherence
    • Increased productivity with less labour time involved for installation
    • Transporting and storing is easy
    • No release liner
    • Lamminations and join free in this one piece extruded foam
    • Available in 50mm to 300mm wide profiles x 10mm thick x 25 metre rolls

    Safe and reliable Lightlon Closed Cell Backer Rod
    Lightlon Backer Rod is a closed cell polyethylene rod coming in profiles from 6mm to 50mm in various roll lengths and 2 metre rods.

    • CFC free
    • Chemical resistance to most chemicals
    • Does not produce any toxins or odours
    • No adhesion to sealants
    • Rot resistant
    • Available in 6mm to 30mm diameter profiles in various lengths as well as in 40mm and 50mm in 2metre rods
    • Suitable to fill voids in concrete works, and is used with sealants

    High strength Sof-Form Expansion Joint Fillers
    The closed cell design ensures these joint fillers do not absorb most liquids.

    • Continuous rolls with no laminations or joins
    • Cross linked to withstand weather conditions and resist UV light
    • Sof-form provides an expansion and contraction buffer
    • Used in the construction of concrete slabs, footpaths, road work, bridges, tunnels and walls
    • Sof-Form Plain Expansion Joint – 50mm to 300mm wide profiles x 10mm thick x 25metre rolls
    • Sof-Form Adhesive Back Expansion Joint – 50mm to 300mm profiles x 10mm thick x 25 metre rolls

    Simple to install Sof-Form Pipe Expansion Joint Sleeves
    Sof-Form Pipe is closed cell foam, designed for rebar applications and to go over PVC pipes when being submerged into concrete.

    • Suitable for 60mm, 90mm and 100mm pipes
    • Effortless to install
    • Available in lengths from 2m to 100m

    Softlon F-Series Foam for Structural Noise and Vibration Isolation
    F5, F10 and F25 is a range of specialised lightweight foam coming in various densities and thickness.

    • Closed Cell Foam that is non toxic and environmentally friendly
    • Thermal insulation with a temperature resistance of between -80ºC and 80 ºC
    • Chemical and weather resistance with low water vapour transmission
    • Used in Motorway Bridges, Reservoirs, Sewerage and Digestion Tanks, Multi-story Hotels and Apartments, Concept Halls, Cinemas and Swimming Pools

    Ideal for any building project, Sekisui Pilon offers fillers and sealants with superior performance to withstand demanding conditions for modern building and construction.

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