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    Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) runs Australia's only independent, not-for-profit, multi-sector ecolabelling program and is the only Australian member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN).

    GECA’s transparent certification program develops standards against which products and services can be independently audited. Standards are developed following ISO 14024 principles for global best practice in ecolabelling.

    GECA's scheme enables architects, designers and procurement professionals to choose certified products and services with a lower environmental, health and social impact. Thousands of products are available, including a wide range of building and interiors products that can count towards Green Star points.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We all care about the impact we have on the planet and want to do the right thing through our purchasing decisions. We know how important it is to make sure products or services we bring into our homes and offices are healthy and safe for our families and colleagues, while also minimising the environmental impact of our choices. Many businesses have realised how crucial their role in this is and have taken steps to improve their products or services by making them more sustainable. Through choosing GECA certified products you are helping yourself and supporting those businesses that are doing the right thing. The GECA ecolabel shows that a product or service has been rigorously assessed for its impact over its life cycle and it is safer for you and your family or colleagues. When you choose GECA certified products you can have confidence in the environmental and health claims of the product.
    The global principles and procedures for ecolabelling are set out by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) in its standard ISO 14024, which identifies three types of ecolabels: Type I: a multi-attribute ecolabel developed by a third party Type II: a single-attribute ecolabel developed by the producer themselves Type III: an ecolabel based on a full life-cycle assessment Of these, the Type 1 ecolabel is recognised as the most robust and credible. GECA pioneered ecolabelling in Australia in line with ISO 14024, and is the only not-for-profit, independent Type 1 ecolabel in Australia.
    Key qualities to look for in an ecolabel are: independence transparency and consistency in its standards third party accreditation and verification processes (where the verification and licencing agencies are also independent of one another) Robustness, credibility and impartiality are what build the reputations of good ecolabels so that suppliers and consumers can come to trust them.
    Yes they do. By gaining consumer confidence and trust, ecolabels help increase sales of products that perform better socially and environmentally. In this way, they can help drive demand and supply of more sustainable production and consumption by influencing or affirming positive actions by consumers, retailers, manufacturers and producers alike. Ultimately this can lead to changing social norms and expectations of certain products. A good example of this can be seen in paints. Paint fumes are caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs have adverse impacts on human health and well-being as well as the environment, causing air pollution, asthma and headache, for example. Increasing public and business demand for less toxic, low VOC paints has resulted in changes in manufacturing and production. Now, low VOC paints, such as those certified by GECA, are widely available and commonly used in commercial and domestic building projects. See Resources for presentations and audio recordings from GECA's Speaker Event: 'Do Ecolabels Drive Sustainable Production and Consumption?'
    A Licensing Agreement is the agreement between the licensee and GECA. This agreement sets out the rules that apply to the use of the Licence Certificate, GECA Ecolabel and licensing fees. This states that the licensee will keep up to date with any required audits to ensure conformance as requested by GECA. It also outlines the way in which you can use the GECA Logo to promote your product.

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