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    GRAFT Architects win European Prize for Architecture 2011


    Like the Pink Project in New Orleans, Art Cloud (2009) is an art-inspired proposal for the German Bundestag (German Parliament) for the reconstruction of the Royal Palace at Scholssplatz, which was destroyed by the GDR in 1962 and rebuilt as the Palace of the Republic and demolished again in 2005. GRAFT proposes an art heaven in the form of a kunsthall for the young and vital international art scene that is flourishing in Berlin. The design envisioned as an ?art cloud? is a temporary light structure of exhibition space, seemingly floating and resting for a moment above the topography of soft mounds.

    Concerns for the environment and a major acknowledgement to the Green Architecture movement, Bird Island (2008) is a stunning urban renewal project that is currently being developed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Designed by GRAFT for the YTL Green Home Competition, the project comprises a zero energy home made of sustainably-sourced silicone glass fabric. Its lightness and flexibility will allow it to sway organically with the breeze just like a treetop, and slots in the fabric will give visitors a unique peek into the sky as the wind ebbs and flows.

    Likewise, Green, affordable cutting-edge architecture is demonstrated in the two homes designed by GRAFT for Make It Right. The Shotgun House (2009) and the Camelback House (2008) have a strong connection between the private interior zone and the shared public space on the street. Both MIR houses demonstrate a sustainable'cradle to cradle' approach, which seeks to maximize economic, ecological, and social value by following principles inspired by nature.

    The Russian Jewish Museum (2009) in Moscow is meant to bring new life into one of the city’s landmark buildings, the Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage by Konstantin Melnikov. The new Museum will be housed in the 154 x 54 meter space that is contained by the garage's shell with the exterior of the structure untouched, to make it visible that the building is a monument of Russian Heritage.

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